Opscoop Chapter II Issue XX: Robotics Logistics solution

Logistics has become one of the most prominent sectors in the industry. But the increasing labor costs and time constraints make the market less appealing on a global scale. So, to counter the diminishing profits, industries have started supply chain automation to implement a more efficient system. Robotics solutions offer the ability to introduce automation into DC operations without the need for major structural alterations. This helps in reducing time as compared to manual operations as well as increasing the quality of work.

capture (2)

Warehouses with minimum manpower

Grey Orange, one of the leading brands of Robotics warehouse management systems reports that ‘Logistics has an ageing workforce and requires complex solution with increasing proportions’. The needs of this sector are diverse. Warehousing, transport, and customer-facing retail all have different needs, and all face disruptions to establish business models. Compared to labor, logistics robots can pick up heavy cartons and heavy payloads in assembly lines and warehouses, while ensuring the safety of workers, reducing product damage and minimizing loss due to thefts.

Capture1.PNGEfficient logistics solution via automation

But this does not eliminate the need for human services in logistics. Every sophisticated inventory requires skilled practitioners and engineers for smooth transition. While manual labor is reduced, it is not eliminated.  Humans work alongside the robots, picking goods too heavy or too small for their robots to handle. Humans pick items and put them into a container attached to the robot.  When the containers are full, the robot carries the goods to the pack station. This reduces any incidental damage caused by faulty programming or bug that can create loss.

High initial investment, from buying the line to modifying the previous inventory line, might deter a few, but the business minded individuals consider it to be an early opportunity in a rising segment. Companies like KUKA, Amazon Robotics, Hitachi and Daifuku already have a head start and are moving towards creating a new boom.


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