OpScoop Chapter II Issue XVII: Robot Kitchen-The Future is Served

After a hectic day’s work, when you return home, a healthy meal is all which can relieve you from the bickering of your boss or a heavy workload. A meal, which is your surely your favourite yet does not poke your life partner of extra effort he/she is putting in to prepare it. A meal, which can be prepared in one click and served at your will.


Moley, a technology development company, has developed a fully automated and intelligent robot which can cook delicious food for your hungry bellies. The robot is developed such that it can cook a dish whose recipe is already fed into the robot’s memory. It consists of two robotic arms which operate on a counter-top, unlike the Jetsons freewheeling robot. The arms are made up of sensors and actuators, with primary material being stainless steel and carbon fibre. Its hands have 3 fingers which are on the verge of being equipped with contact sensors to know whenever the robotic fingers touch an object, force torque sensors and proximity sensors.


The evolution of food from eating in restaurants, to delivery services, to delivery service trucks which cook food on the way so that the food being delivered is fresher, this is the new way in which the food preparation will be revolutionized. The restaurants, if able enough to implement this technology would have zero error in making the food, properly standardized recipes and optimized time taken for each meal. This would help in estimating the exact time for each meal to be prepared and each customer would know the time of waiting.

With ordering system already digitalised, and food preparation taking a whole new definition, restaurants can be made human less and zero human error in operations would be encountered. The efficiency of such a setup is immense and an ideal case for now.


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