OpScoop Issue 9: Revolutionization of Indian Railways


The digital India campaign has led to a revolution in the entire nation, and henceforth in almost every sector. Any sector not being digitally compliant would become obsolete over time and lag behind in the emerging scenario. The Indian Railways is undeniably one of the most crucial sectors of our nation, and requires a metamorphosis. Hence, it is planning to launch a digital contract, to digitize the railway supply chain across all the zones in the nation. Integrated seamlessly throughout, the digital supply chain is likely to involve all the stakeholders, including industries, financial institutions, customers of railways, and so forth. This initiative has been taken to achieve smooth flow of information, and ensure greater transparency and ease of doing business.


The supply chain of Indian railways is regulated through a single online website that handles more than ₹ 50,000 procurement and more than ₹ 2500 crore auction sale, operated by approximately 1.4 million employees. This vast supply chain with hundred percent integration of E-tenders and E-auctions, will result in a compact flow of information with the introduction of digital contract. This digital system would include digitization of processes like bill submission, inspection, dispatches, receipts, bill passing and bill payments.


Since the first train on Indian tracks began its journey from Mumbai to Thane in  1853, Indian Railways have come a long way. They have been revolutionizing in numerous ways to transform the nation entirely digital. Another significant step they have taken is to identify over 7,000 towns that are in dire need of a digital transformation, and turn their railway station into digital hotspots, to provide digital services including digital banking, Aadhar generation, issue government certificates and filling taxes. Apart from offering free Wi-fi services to the locals, they would also serve as hubs for transporting goods to-and-from e-commerce portals. With the assistance of its unparalleled optical fibre network operated by RailTel, Indian Railways aims to create a one-stop solution for digital inclusion in India. Leveraging the rail infrastructure would help boost up the rural as well as the urban economy, and hence would be a step ahead in our Prime Minister’s dream of “Digital ho poora desh”.


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