EVENT: The Beer Cup Challenge 2.0L – 5/1/2017

Event Theme

The Beer Cup Challenge is an intra- college simulation game that captures the whole essence of a real time business process. The game aims to bring out the best entrepreneur within the participant who calculates the best possible way to manufacture and sell beer cups with maximum profit. The teams have to ponder about selecting the right location and size of their plants, fixing the correct selling price, meeting the required demand and gaining the maximum profit.

Event Description


The entire game was split into five rounds, with specific instructions provided to the teams at the beginning of each round which influenced their decision making. Each team was required to carry a laptop as all the inputs were collected through Google forms and excel sheets. The event witnessed a very enthusiastic involvement from the participants with the excitement levels getting pumped up after each round. All teams were given the chance to participate in every round with no elimination in between. The result of the Beer Cup Challenge is expected to be out on 9th January, Monday. The winners of the event will be awarded a cash price of Rs 5000. All in all, the event was showered with overwhelming appreciations from every participant for the second year running.


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